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At Forgotten Trail, we are fueled by a boundless passion for urban exploration. We are a small team of adventurous spirits and city enthusiasts, committed to unveiling the hidden gems of urban landscapes. Our mission is clear: to make the thrilling world of urban exploration accessible to everyone. With expertise, enthusiasm, and a deep knowledge of the city’s secret corners, we guide you on an unforgettable journey through the uncharted territories of your own city. Join us, and discover the unseen.

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    Mission Statement

    At Forgotten Trail, we’re on a mission to make urban exploration a thrilling adventure for everyone. We provide curated GPS coordinates for abandoned buildings, caves, and more, inviting solo explorers and groups to uncover hidden wonders. Join us in rediscovering the world, one extraordinary trail at a time.

    At Forgotten Trail, we believe in transforming exploration into an exhilarating adventure. Our mission is to provide global adventurers with curated GPS coordinates that unveil the hidden gems of urban exploration—abandoned buildings, mysterious caves, and untrodden paths. Inspired by our own passion for discovery, we aim to share the thrill of unconventional journeys with enthusiasts worldwide.

    Forgotten Trail is more than a provider of GPS coordinates; it’s a gateway to a world of forgotten stories and hidden wonders. We envision a community of explorers, both solo adventurers and those seeking shared experiences with friends and family. Our commitment lies in making the extraordinary accessible to all, fostering a sense of curiosity, excitement, and camaraderie.

    Join us on this unconventional journey, where each coordinate is a portal to untold tales and extraordinary sights. At Forgotten Trail, we don’t just sell coordinates; we share the spirit of exploration and the joy of forging your own path. Let’s make every journey an unforgettable trail, rediscovering the world one coordinate at a time.

    Terms of Sales and conditions of use

    Article 1 – Purpose and Scope

    Forgotten Trail’s General Conditions of Sale govern all transactions conducted by our company, an Individual entrepreneur registered as Forgotten Trail, whose details are available on our website. These conditions exclusively apply to consumers and non-professional buyers seeking GPS coordinates for urban exploration on They delineate the ordering, payment, and delivery processes for our products, which are hypertext links leading to Google Maps for the geolocation of intriguing exploration sites.

    Accessible on, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale supersede any conflicting documents. The version in force at the time of purchase, available on our website, applies. Customer data recorded in our system serves as evidence for all transactions.

    By placing an order, the Customer acknowledges reading and accepting these conditions. They affirm their capacity to contract and purchase our products.

    Contact us: Director of publication: Forgotten Trail. Website hosted by: [].

    Article 2 – Order

    Customers can place orders through following these steps:

    1. Review the General Terms and Conditions.
    2. Select desired products.
    3. Add selected products to the cart.
    4. Review and validate the cart.
    5. Provide necessary information.
    6. Confirm acknowledgment and acceptance of Terms.
    7. Enter payment details.
    8. Respond to bank confirmation.
    9. Review order details and confirm.

    Upon confirmation, customers receive an email acknowledgment and order validation.

    Article 3 – Right of Withdrawal

    In accordance with relevant consumer protection laws, the right of withdrawal does not apply to digital content provided without a physical medium, with customers explicitly waiving this right during the ordering process.

    Article 4 – Price and Payment

    All orders are payable in Dollars. Customers are obligated to pay the total amount indicated at checkout. Prices are as displayed on at the time of order. Payment is made securely online via approved methods.

    Article 5 – Verification and Security of Payments

    The seller reserves the right to verify and may cancel orders presenting potential risks. Secure payment services and protocols, including SSL and 3D Secure, ensure data integrity.

    Article 6 – Responsibility

    The seller warns against potential risks associated with urban exploration. The seller is not responsible for any negative consequences resulting from the customer’s exploration activities, including physical harm or legal repercussions.

    Article 7 – Exclusions of Seller’s Guarantee

    The seller does not guarantee individual addresses or maps. The sale is a facilitation of research, and accessibility is not assured. Customers acknowledge the risks of urban exploration and the seller’s lack of control over visited sites.

    Article 8 – Delivery

    Delivery of digital products is instant. Coordinates and maps are accessible online via the dashboard on

    Article 9 – Refund Policy

    Refund policies are limited due to the nature of virtual products. Refund requests must be submitted through the designated form, with proof provided. Refunds may in some instances be granted for technical issues.

    Article 11 – Map Items

    Map licenses provide lifetime access and updates . No refunds are possible post-purchase. The seller reserves the right to modify map content and cancel licenses in case of misuse.

    Article 12 – Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

    Customer data is confidential and used solely for order processing. The seller complies with data protection regulations. Customers have the right to access, modify, and erase their data.

    Article 13 – Intellectual Property

    Customers have a non-exclusive right to use All content on the site is the property of the seller and is protected by intellectual property laws.

    Article 14 – Litigation – Mediation

    Disputes are subject to Danish law and the competent courts. Customers may explore mediation options before legal action.

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